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Vicky Kate provides coaching and training programmes for when you are going through challenges or obstacles,

particularly in mid-life. 

This is your opportunity to find your peace, your power and your true purpose. You can create and manifest a life where you experience a richness in mental wealth and find joy in every day living.  

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About Vicky Kate

Naturally empathetic and intuitive I have always been fascinated in people.  Self-development and helping others on their path, and with their purpose, is my groove. 

On my personal journey I have learnt how to make my dreams come true and live the most incredible, abundant and authentic life… but it has been quite a journey! Two divorces, heart break and losses, a late diagnosis of ADHD and the trials and tribulations of being a single parent means I am resilient. I had to grow and learn quickly how to build my mental wealth through mindfulness and many techniques I now teach so that I can live my life on purpose.

I have a combination of qualifications over the years during my career, (Practitioner in NLP, Mindfulness, Reiki the list goes on and on due to ADHD ha!) ….But more importantly my coaching and courses are as a woman who is in her mid-life and is someone that cares and can make a difference.

Any final information that will help you decide on whether I am your coaching person is that I love the sea, spiritual philosophies, my fabulous friends and shiny son and truly abundant life...oh and chocolate. I am drawn to wild nature, wild swimming and wild healing. 

Your journey is precious and I would be honoured to be invited along the way to help you shine your brilliance into your future.

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Coaching Services


One to One Coaching

A Personal Approach

Personal one to one coaching with Vicky Kate.  Your personal time of 1.5 hours to tune in and get purposeful. Vicky uses techniques from all over the world, some from cultures of 1000 of years ago, that will connect you with your true essence and discover you soul purpose.


Group Coaching

Synergy of Connection

Whether with friends or community groups, in nature or in your front room, we can work together on your chosen mental wealth coaching programme.  As a team you can change your world and each others. 
You may want to do this as a celebratory or thank you event with your closest circle of friends. How powerful that energy can be when love is the greatest connection.
Contact Vicky to arrange a bespoke event.

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Mid-life courses for women


Power Me In Love 

Be Sassy & Single, Set for Love 

Found yourself single again?

Are you daunted or let down with dating apps in what seems to be a young persons world?   

With this course you will learn to love you, your life as a single woman and the abundant lifestyle you can lead. 

Step into the Feminine Devine and start experiencing joy and confidence to make the most of the freedom you have been gifted. 

After learning the techniques on this course and making positive changes you will then be in alignment to meet your soul mate. You will learn important dating guidelines and manifestation methods. 

Or you may choose the single life style!

Importantly this will give yourself time to heal and start dating you. 


Power Me Menopause

The Gifts of Peri-Menopause and Menopause

How to find empowerment and joy during this important phase in our lives.  This training course will teach you methods to rediscover your dreams, your purpose and passion and why you feel different, and to understand and celebrate this vital time in your life.  
You will learn:
- Wisdom from the Japanese menopause  'Koneniki' which means "Renewal of Life"
- Mindfulness and healing techniques to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem
- Powerful positive psychology tools and techniques to rediscover your purpose and vision your future
- Quality and essential time for You

Home: Services
Home: Services

Mid-life courses for men & women 


Mental Wealth Course

The currency of mental wealth is priceless. 

By improving your mental wealth tool box you are positively building a reserve that can help you when times get tough and you need that extra resilience.

On this course you will learn techniques that help you to make healthy aligned decisions, and not rash decisions from the head or heart anymore. By tuning into the head, heart and gut using MBit coaching you will have clarity, wisdom and confidence in your decisions. 

Further techniques and methods for understanding and managing your emotional responses make sure you are future proofing your mental health. 


Mindfulness & Mind Calm course

A powerful combination of mindfulness

and modern meditation techniques teaching you the philosophies and simple ways to enjoy a healthier relationship with your mind and body.

This course is excellent for those that wish to experience more peace, clarity and joy in their lives and very effective if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Over-thinking and over-analysing 

  • Stress and tension 

  • Anxiety and worry 

  • Depression and negativity 

  • Sleeping problems 

  • Irritability and over-reacting 

  • Lack of focus or clarity 

Vicky is a wonderful life coach and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their confidence and well-being.

Vicky has such warmth and genuine interest in everyone she meets, her personality and sense of humour meant I instantly connected with her. She has a real gift when it comes to making you feel better about yourself, she is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me to move away from negative thoughts and instead to really focus on the positive things in my life. 

Vicky is truly inspirational.

When I am in her presence she has the most incredible ability to make me feel calm and relaxed, providing me with the tools I need to be the best version of myself.  She really listens to you. 

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Contact Me

Get in touch to book a free 15 minute consultation, training courses, a one to one session or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you. 


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